Picking the Right Camouflage

Picking the Right Camouflage

Paintball started out solely as a “capture the flag” style type of game, and dressing appropriately to be able to make your way around a field without drawing unwanted attention was absolutely key to victory.  Whether it’s your first time at a paintball park or if you’re a regular, picking the right apparel or camouflage can have a huge effect on how well you do on the field.

Non-Camouflage Options

Many first-time players or those that have only played a few times don’t want to spend money on buying a full top to bottom set of camouflage.  Luckily, you can get by with items that are likely in your closet.  The first rule of thumb is you’ll almost always want to go with dark colors, as the vast majority of paintball fields are located in the woods or utilize structures that create a lot of shadows.  

Dark blue, dark green, gray and black clothing won’t disguise you as well as quality camouflage will, but they’re a far better choice than going with bright colors like yellow, red, orange or white, all of which will make you easily stand out in nearly all woodsball/walk-on environments. 

Going with Camo

From Advantage, Tiger Stripe and Bushlan to Chocolate Chip, Digital and Flecktarn, there are dozens of different types of camo out there. Digital and woodland options will work in a great many different types of fields, but in a perfect world you’ll want to invest in camo that works best with the layouts that are at your local paintball park.  If the fields you play on have a heavy desert theme, tan digital camo outfits work great, but tan would stand out in a mostly wooded field.  Do some research, see what other players at your field wear, and you can then make a smart, informed decision. 

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