3 Things to Bring to the Field

3 Things to Bring to the Field

3 Things to Bring to the Field

Nothing can ruin your day of paintball fun faster than realizing you forgot some key fundamental items in your kit.  Not all paintball fields have large pro shops where you can buy many of the things you may need, so you’ll want to make sure you plan accordingly and bring them with you.

Here are five items you want to make sure you have with you each time you play, especially if you’re a newer player.

Food and Drink

 It seems obvious, but many players don’t take into consideration how much energy they may burn or how much they may sweat while playing paintball.  You’ll want to bring plenty of water and healthy snacks to replenish energy and moisture you can and will lose while out on the field.  Try to avoid icing your drinks, as very cold drinks can cause you to cramp up.

Spray Bottle with Paper Towels

You and your equipment are going to get hit while you’re out there playing, that’s the whole point of the game. In-between rounds, you’ll want to thoroughly clean yourself and your gear, especially any paintball hits that look fresh, as you could get called out for those in the next game.  Make sure there is no paint in your marker barrel or inside the loader, and mostly importantly, fully clean your goggles to remove any smudges or smears that could impair your vision. 

Change of Clothes and Correct Footwear

Your day of play might come to an abrupt end if you get your clothing extremely wet, torn or muddy when playing to the point where you’re uncomfortable in it.  Having a backup dry pair of tops, bottoms and socks will prevent that day-ending situation from happening.  As for footwear, you can never go wrong with military/hiking boots or hiking shoes with high ankle support.  Regular tennis shoes, especially ones with little to no tread for tractions, can make it difficult for you to move around on uneven terrain.  

Players that come to the World Famous SC Village Paintball Park in Chino, CA will find many of the essentials they need for the day in our fully stocked proshop.  We will see you out on the field!
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