The Legendary Teams of SC Village

The Legendary Teams of SC Village

Tournament paintball and the World Famous SC Village Paintball Park have a history together that goes back long before speedball, hyperball and airball were invented.  SC Village held its first tournaments back in the 80s on their woodsball fields and have not stopped being one of the premier destinations for tournament paintball since.  As a result, many of the best tournament teams were either created or forged at SC Village and the SC Arenas practice facility.

The Ironmen

The longest still-active tournament team to have played at and grown with SC Village, the Ironmen were without question the most dominant paintball teams of the late 80s and 90s. Legendary members of the Ironmen include Bob Long, Shane Pestana, Marty Bush, Dave Youngblood and Erik Felix.


A West Coast team that rose faster through the professional ranks than almost any other team before, Avalanche is one of the tournament paintball teams credited for helping to develop the image of competitive paintball as it looks today.  With flashy apparel, markers and gear, Avalanche remained one of the best looking and best performing teams in the leagues for well over a decade. With a roster that included huge names such as Chris Lasoya, Rocky Cagnoni, Ed Poorman and Todd Martinez, Avalanche remains an example for all teams to follow.


Quite possibly the greatest paintball team of all time who after two decades of winning still has half of their roster composed of original founding members, Dynasty was and continues to be a staple of the SC Village tournament paintball community.  For years, players of all skill levels got to meet and play against such legends of the game including Oliver Lang, Ryan Greenspan, Alex Fraige, Brian Cole, Yosh Rau and Rodney Squires.  Most recently, Dynasty member Ryan Greenspan joined the SC Village team as a Field Pro for the 2023 season.

What do all of these teams have in common?  They perfected their skills at the SC Arenas tournament facility.  Open every weekend, the SC Arenas is the perfect place to start your own legendary tournament team story.
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