Shifting from Woodsball to Tournament

Shifting from Woodsball to Tournament

Shifting from Woodsball to Tournament Paintball

Paintball is a very unique sport in that there are multiple different formats and variations, each of which requires different types of skills.  While many of these skills do crossover and apply from one form of paintball to the next, making the move to tournament paintball from say woodsball paintball, can be one of the most jarring transitions there are in the game.  Here are some quick tips for making the move from woodsball to tournament paintball.

Gear Up for Efficiency

In woodsball and scenario paintball, a big part of the appeal is wearing and using paintball equipment that makes cool but maybe isn’t the most efficient.  Maybe your air-system is bigger than it needs to be or you have too many unnecessary aftermarket parts on your marker.  In tournament paintball, you have to think streamlined.  Everything from your jersey and pants to your pod pack will need to be optimized so that you don’t add additional weight or make your marker too much of a target.

Develop a Practice Schedule

If you were a casual paintballer before and played occasionally and only in walk-in/woodsball games, you’ll need to develop a new training-based mentality if you want to succeed in tournament paintball.  Many tournament paintballers play and practice every weekend of the month, and rarely is any part of their day given to casual games. Instead, they’re always focusing on drills, scrimmages and other training methods that increase their individual and team skills.

Watch Tournament Paintball Videos

You can learn a lot about tournament paintball by watching footage of online competitions.  It won’t be a substitute for getting out there and doing yourself, but seeing how much more aggressive tournament paintball typically is compared to other forms of paintball is a necessary step in your evolution as a tournament paintballer. 

Ready to make the move?  You can start your tournament paintball journey today at our SC Arenas tournament facility located at the World Famous SC Village Paintball Park in Chino, CA.
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