SC Village Unveils "Lost Land": A New Era of Adventure Begins!

SC Village Unveils "Lost Land": A New Era of Adventure Begins!

SC Village Paintball Park is back with a bang, and we're thrilled to announce the grand opening of our brand-new field, "Lost Land." This is just the beginning of an exciting journey as we roll out several new field additions and renovations over the coming months. Prepare to experience paintball and airsoft like never before as SC Village takes your adrenaline-fueled adventures to new heights!


Lost Land: A Field of Uncharted Thrills

Imagine stepping into a world of adventure and mystery. "Lost Land" is a meticulously designed field that will transport you to a realm where excitement reigns supreme. Get ready to navigate through dense jungles, treacherous swamps, and ancient ruins as you engage in thrilling paintball and airsoft battles. With strategic obstacles, hidden vantage points, and endless opportunities for tactical maneuvers, "Lost Land" promises to challenge even the most seasoned players.+

Commemorative Patch: A Symbol of Achievement

To celebrate the grand opening of "Lost Land," attendees were not only treated to exhilarating gameplay but also received a free commemorative patch. This limited-edition patch serves as a badge of honor, reminding players of their participation in this monumental event. Display it proudly and showcase your commitment to the spirit of adventure that SC Village embodies.


Operation Tomb Breaker Airsoft Event: Unforgettable Action!

As part of the grand opening festivities, SC Village hosted the highly successful "Operation Tomb Breaker" Airsoft Event. Participants were immersed in an adrenaline-pumping scenario, where teams battled through complex missions and tactical challenges. The event showcased the dynamic nature of airsoft gameplay, fostering teamwork, strategy, and intense competition. If you missed out this time, don't worry, there will be more exciting events to come!


Operation Scarab Paintball Event

In parallel with the airsoft event, SC Village also held the thrilling "Operation Scarab" Paintball event during the grand opening. Paintball enthusiasts had the opportunity to showcase their skills, teamwork, and strategy in a fast-paced and action-packed environment. From capturing flags to defending strategic positions, the event showcased the versatility and excitement that paintball offers.


Coming Soon: Blackhawk Outpost

Hold onto your gear because the excitement doesn't end here! SC Village has more in store for you. Stay tuned for the opening of "Blackhawk Outpost" in early July. This new field promises to deliver yet another unique and immersive paintball and airsoft experience. Prepare to dive into another realm of adventure as you explore the challenges and triumphs that await at Blackhawk Outpost.

Book Operation: Blackhawk Outpost Airsoft Scenario Event here!

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With the grand opening of "Lost Land," SC Village Paintball Park marks the beginning of a thrilling chapter in its history. Prepare to be captivated by the challenges and excitement of our new field additions and renovations in the coming months. Don't forget to proudly display your commemorative patch as a symbol of your participation in this epic moment.


From the successful Operation Tomb Breaker Airsoft Event to the intense battles of Operation Scarab Paintball, SC Village remains committed to providing unforgettable experiences for paintball and airsoft enthusiasts alike. And with the eagerly awaited opening of Blackhawk Outpost just around the corner, the adventure at SC Village is only getting started.


Stay tuned, gear up, and get ready for a summer of unparalleled excitement. SC Village Paintball Park is back and better than ever!


Remember, at SC Village, we're all about pushing boundaries, igniting your passion for the game, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


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