Riverside Players Love SC Village

Riverside Players Love SC Village

If you're a paintball enthusiast in the Riverside area, you're probably on the lookout for an exciting, challenging, and well-equipped paintball park to unleash your inner warrior. Fortunately, home to all that is adrenaline-pumping, SC Village Paintball Park, is here to provide you with the ultimate paintball experience.

Massive Fields

One of the essential features that makes SC Village Paintball Park the best paintball park for players in the Riverside area is its vast expanse of over 100 acres of different zones and fields, each with its unique terrain and obstacles. Whether you prefer outdoor settings, like open fields and forests, or urban-style buildings and bunkers, SC Village Paintball Park has it all. 

Top-Notch Rental Equipment

SC Village Paintball Park boasts an extensive fleet of cutting-edge rental gear, which includes high-quality markers, masks, air tanks, hoppers, and pod packs. No matter your skill level or experience, they offer equipment that best suits your needs. 

Special Game Modes for New Player and Parties

Try out all new game modes like PaintballSoft and PaintballSoft 4Kids, designed specifically for new, younger and birthday/private groups looking for the same amazing paintball action with but lesser impact.  Both PaintballSoft modes offer markers that shoot smaller paintballs at lower speeds than regular paintball markers.

Professional and Highly-Skilled Staff

The staff at SC Village Paintball Park is a team of professionals who take the safety and enjoyment of their players seriously. They offer equipment inspections, necessary safety briefings, and friendly professionalism. Their referees are experts who will guide you through the games and offer helpful tips to enhance the experience. They also offer support to those who are new to the games and go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome.

Affordable Prices

SC Village Paintball Park offers affordable prices for paintballs and equipment rental. Not only that, they provide seasonal discounts, group rates, membership packages and birthday packages for kids. You can also financially benefit from participating in the special events and monthly tournaments. It’s the ultimate destination for adrenaline-pumping, outdoor fun, and great offers.

From massive fields, high-quality rental equipment, unique game modes, professional staff, and affordable prices, it provides the ultimate paintball experience for players in the Riverside area. SC Village Paintball Park can provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience all that paintball has to offer.

SC Village is open every weekend, check out these amazing offers to save big on your next visit.

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