Paintball Beginner Packages Now Available

To help the journey of our new and developing paintball players, SC Village has put together all-new entry level marker packages that include reliable, high performance equipment designed to make you a force on the field.  To build the best package possible, we started off with gear from the legendary Tippmann brand of paintball products.

The SC Village Beginners Package is headlined by the TIppmann Cronus Tactical marker with included foregrip and buttstock. Also included is a 48ci 3k aluminum airtank and a GenX Global 200 round hopper.  

“Tippmann has always been considered the most reliable paintball marker brand, having been the most successful field rental provider for decades.” said Bear D’Egidio of SC Village. “To be able to offer select Tippmann products directly to our up and coming players is a perfect partnership and we can’t wait to see where it leads.”

All SC Village equipment packages are available and in stock at our online store.

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