The Largest Scenario Paintball Game

The Largest Scenario Paintball Game

Decay of Nations, held annually at the World Famous SC Village Paintball Park in Chino, CA, is the largest scenario paintball game on the West Coast.  Every year, thousands of players gather to enjoy two full days of exciting scenario paintball featuring teams, missions, custom gear, night games and vendor village.  

Utilizing over 100 acres worth of fields at SC Village, Decay of Nations has gained a reputation for putting together some of the most exciting goal and mission-based paintball gameplay in the world, as players work together to complete objectives and earn points for their army.  Each side is led by a General whose job it is to put together strategies, utilize resources and find a way to claim victory.

Decay of Nations features many unique paintball markers and custom outfits you won’t see at any other event throughout the year, plus you’ll get to ride in our one-of-a-kind military transport vehicles.  Players get a choice on which army they want to participate with, and no matter what side you’re on you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the best scenario players, teams and organizations in the sport.

Ready to help us make history?  Join us for Decay of Nations 2023 this October!

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