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SC Village is the premiere paintball and airsoft park in Southern California, a once small business started by Dennis Bukowski has grown in to a world famous enterprise. For over 25 years SC Village has been hosting the most action packed and professionally ran adventures within the heart of Southern California. Located only thirty minutes from Orange County, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County the park caters to every individual players needs whether they be beginners or experienced players. A professionally ran business, SC Village offers both paintball and airsoft games on a 100 acre property that boasts 25 action packed outdoor paintball fields, two of which are reserved specifically for airsoft. The fields are named after various locations across the globe that put you in the center of what promises to be the most action packed and exciting game you will ever play.

Our normal hours of operation are from 9 a.m to 4 p.m every Saturday and Sunday, we also require players to be 10 years or older to play. SC Village is the proud host of one Southern California?s largest 24 hour paintball scenario event, Decay of Nations which draws in large crowds of extreme players from all over the world. We also host other high profile events such as the NPPL Paintball Tournament Series, the PSP Paintball Tournament, the Spyder Cup Paintball Tournament, and the 24 hour airsoft scenario event Operation Black Shield. SC Village also offers private events to groups of all sizes including church groups, bachelor parties, company picnics, birthday parties, small family outings, kids groups, corporate groups, and youth group summer camps. Don?t have your own equipment? Don?t worry our park offers multiple packages that include all the equipment you?ll need to get you out on the field and in to the game! Our friendly staff members are always eager to help guide you throughout the park and readily answer any questions you may have.

Both SC Village and SC Viper cater to the beginner player by offering separate groups for beginners and kids. Each group is personally assigned a range safety officer who makes sure each individual is having a fair, amazing, and action packed adventure on the paintball and airsoft field. Each group is also run with different scenarios where players are given an objective to complete while on the field. Those that complete the objective are given a special prize which can be picked up at the Pro Shop. SC Village Paintball Park has many amenities to accommodate all of your tactical needs. For first time guests you?ll want to stop by our Ticket Booth and sign in on our new wireless waiver program, before making any purchases. We accept cash or credit at all of our registers. Our Proshop houses all of your basic equipment needs while also carrying our new line of Giant Tactical Gear! You can check out: to see our large array of gear for everything paintball and airsoft!

For players with their own gear SC Village offers a shooting range and a Chronograph station that allows you to check the speed of your marker and test it. Should your personal gear fail never fear we are more than happy to let you use ours. Our rental department boasts a large stock of paintball guns, including the upgraded M16 assault rifle, masks, bulletproof vests, and any other gear you need. We also offer lockers for your convenience along with refreshments and snacks should you forget to bring your own. Should you ever find yourself lost or confused stop by P.A and our friendly guide will help get you back on track. SC Viper much like our paintball counterpart is the airsoft only portion of the park. SC Viper has the same amenities as SC Village only on a smaller scale. The Airsoft Park is located at the upper portion of the 100 acre property and houses its own parking, registration, P.A, chronograph, Proshop and rental stations. SC Viper is also the location of our Friday and Saturday night games that run from 5 p.m to 11 p.m. Airsoft is a completely different sport than paintball, which requires small plastic bb?s to play. Airsoft is based on an honor system and cheating is not tolerated on any of our fields. SC Viper is home to two fields that are specifically designed for airsoft players, SC Viper and Supply Depot. SC Viper is also home to our exclusive speedball fields. Speedball is a fast paced, high intensity shot of adrenaline on a field with air filled bunkers used for cover. Each game is approximately 5 minutes long and normally between teams of 1 to 10 players. Speedball isn?t just for the experienced any player is welcome to check out this style of play. Overall SC Village is the number one stop on the map for any person looking for a way to let their inner warrior free for a few hours. In affiliation with SC Village are our sister parks Hollywood Sports Park and the airsoft Combat Center in Belflower, CPP in Castaic, Giant San Diego. Each of our parks promises the most action packed paintball and airsoft experience. Should you find yourself hooked after just one visit remember to check out for all of your paintball and airsoft needs through our new Giant Tactical products!